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Looking for reliable first aid training in Lancashire that caters to everyone? Our inclusive and accessible courses ensure everyone can become a life-saving hero. In this vibrant image, a diverse group of individuals is engrossed in hands-on first aid practice, benefiting from our expert instructors' guidance. Our training takes place in a sunny outdoor environment, offering a relaxed and engaging learning experience.

Unrivalled First Aid & Fire Training

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At First4Training, we take pride in offering comprehensive and accredited first aid courses, tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations alike. Our training empowers you with essential life-saving skills, ensuring you feel confident in any emergency situation.

Our Courses

We have an extensive range of training courses whether its CPR courses, first aid, fire safety or fire extinguishers we're committed to offering the lowest prices while delivering top-quality training in Lancashire and the North West.

Our accredited courses are designed to meet your needs, with our experienced trainers providing all the equipment & hands-on training at your location. 
Because our trainers are from military & emergency services, you can be sure that the knowledge you will gain is relevant, up to date.  We bring an higher level to the training through real life experience and exceptional training techniques. This dynamic approach to teaching makes it an enjoyable, yet professional learning experience.


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